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    The number of ranks of tablet computers of various brands that enter the market you are probably confused to make choices. Daily Telegraph review its lineup of six tablets which may help you in determining the best choice.

Apple iPad 2
    Superior from the outset and still remains the best on the market today, iPad 2 is a tablet that is light, slim and fun to wear. You can read the book, check email, surf the web or watching video. Another first: the iPad 2 presents the library of applications continues to grow rapidly and has changed the outlook on the media.
    That is, it would be a lot of games and applications as a replacement for print magazines. IPAD also provides a range of uses that can not be followed by its competitors. For example, taxi drivers in the UK choose iPad to know the names of people they transport.

Asus Transformer
    Asus Transformer is the next transformation point of the tablet. Asus Transformer tablet combines Google's Android operating system is best with a full keyboard. Thus, the result is a mix between a netbook and tablet computers.
    Transformer gadget is not the lightest or the most elegant of the ranks of the upcoming Android tablet. but it is the first gadget that eliminates the problem of typing on touch screen devices.
    An added bonus is a keyboard effectively acts as a battery pack to the tablet so that it can extend its life endurance up to 16 hours.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2
    Galaxy Tab 2 is the only tablet android who became a competitor for the iPad 2 of the style. Lightweight, thin, tough and elegant with a 10.1-inch screen size.
    Lack galaxy tab 2 is not yet appear also in the market. Tab 2 has only one docking port.

Motorola Xoom
    Motorola Xoom, both the U.S. and in England, is the first tablet that comes on the market using Google's Android operating system.
    Display size 10-inch screen, powerful processor, but its shortcomings are not many applications for the Honeycomb, the name for a tablet version of the latest android.
    Critics case button "on" which lies behind, but Xoom really different to the iPad. Xoom provides a new alternative for most tablet users will focus on the activities of web browsing and e-mail reading.

Acer Inconia
    Available in versions 7 and 10 inches, the Acer Iconia have a fairly reasonable price (299 pounds). The device has many ports and its effects can certainly do more than most competitors.
    The Windows version also available, but the tablets really need to look good, like a honeycomb in order to be effective.
    Iconia tablets show differences in size 7 and 10 inches. Which one means the device is wide enough to surf the web and watching movies but for other sizes are superior in portability. 

HTC Flyer

    HTC Flyer is one of the few tablets that are clearly different because it brings a pen (stylus).
    Stylus used to write on a 7-inch device is very easy. Evernote integration with other applications means that the device will replace the notepad and audio recorder.
    In addition to the pen, the Flyer also offers a version of HTC Sense, the interface from HTC for the old version of android. The result., HTC Flyer is a tablet that is completely different from the others, although it would not be able to compete with larger models.  

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