Greatness tested the Intel Core i7

A few days ago we had the opportunity to try the latest generation Intel Core i7 Processor. Core i7 965 Processor Extreme Edition is the fastest desktop processor in the world today, and in particular lent to us by Intel Indonesia. Processor specifications are:
Clock Speed
Cache L3
Intel Core i7 965 XE
3,2 GHZ
8 MB
4 Core
LGA 1366
QPI 6,4 GT/s
From the sample we received, compared with Intel Core 2 Duo physically Intel Core i7 processor has a larger form, and built a bigger heatsink as well. Series Core i7 965 Extreme Edition has a heatsink made ​​of a mixture of aluminum and copper, and unique is fannya blue.


In our trial, we combine this processor with other components of the mainboard MSI X58 Platinum, OCZ DDR3 Memory 6 x 1 GB (Tripple Channel Mode), Dual VGA MSI 4870 512 MB (Crossfire Mode), and Power Supply FSP Epsilon 900 Watt . Use of the mainboard with the Intel X58 chipset due to the minimum needs of the Intel Core i7 can only use these chipsets.
Of testing using the above components, we use the operating system Windows Vista. Selection is because Windows XP does not support more than 3.2 GB of memory, as well as the mainboard drivers can only run on Windows Vista, when tested in Windows XP bluescreen of death (BSOD) often occur.
Describe the results of our tests as follows:
Overclocking capabilities:
Features Overclocking Core i7 processor in extraordinary to say. The ability to perform complicated settings in the BIOS mainboard is done, so many features that should be considered in setting overclocking. How much power needed for the processor and how the desired temperature can be set via the bios. Features FSB (Front Side Bus) and the multiplier as in the previous Intel processor is replaced by the QPI. Having tried fiddling with the settings we tried to do the overclocking of this processor at 4.2 GHz, is not too high because it is based on the use of standard default heatsink.

Memory bandwidth:
The tests we did with the software SisoftSandra 2009. With the Tri Channel memory technology, the increase in memory performance was very signifika. From an Intel Core 2 Duo system and by using dual-channel enhancement mode memory bandwidth of more than 100%. For Core 2 Duo 7000, while values ​​obtained with the Core i7 processor is obtained the value 16 000's.

Rendering capabilities:

By using the Cinebench software, rendering the test which tested this processor can run very quickly, ie less than 3x the speed of rendering using a processor Core 2 duo. Processing rendering images obtained a value of about 18000, compared with a processor Core 2 Duo E7300 is only about 7000's and Core 2 Quad 6600 around 9000's.

3D Gaming capabilities

By using software Future Mark Vantage, score we obtained also showed remarkable improvement. Our test before using the Intel Core 2 Duo processor and get score 6000's, with this processor obtained score almost 20000.

Broadly speaking, the Intel Core i7 technology brings a fresh breeze for enthusiast-class desktop PC users, since the ability of the processor is indeed remarkable. With the new features in this processor, performance improvement can be achieved is significant. Perhaps the only deficiency in terms of price. Processor samples we are testing the market is worth almost 1000 USD, the course will be a significant obstacle for ordinary desktop PC users. But that Intel, in accordance with the slogan "Leap Ahead" was indeed a pioneer leading edge technology.
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CUDA is a new technology from Nvidia graphics card manufacturers, and probably not many people use in general. The graphics card is more widely used to run gaming applications, but with technology these CUDA graphics card can be used more optimally when running a software application. Nvidia graphics card functions are used to help the Processor (CPU) in performing calculations in the process data.

CUDA stands for Compute Unified Device Architecture, is defined as a parallel computer architecture, developed by Nvidia. This technology can be used to perform image processing, video, 3D rendering, and so forth. VGA - VGA Nvidia's CUDA technology already uses such as: Nvidia GeForce GTX 280, GTX 260.9800 GX2, 9800 GTX +, 9800 GTX, 9800 GT, 9600 GSO, 9600 GT, 9500 GT, 9400 GT, 9400 mGPU, 9300 mGPU , 8800 Ultra, 8800 GTX, 8800 GTS, 8800 GT, 8800 GS, 8600 GTS, 8600 GT, 8500 GT, 8400 GS, 8300 mGPU, 8200 mGPU, 8100 mGPU, and similar series for the class of mobile (notebook VGA).

Software that can definitely use CUDA technology, among others:

- Photoshop Creative Suite CS 4. By using graphics cards already support CUDA, the process of image editing with Photoshop, especially for high-resolution images can be accelerated up to hundreds of percent, the process of zooming and rotate images can be very quickly done. In addition the process of import and manipulate 3D animation in photoshop can be done smoothly.

- Pegasys TMPGEnc 4.0. This software is a video processing application. By using a graphics card with CUDA technology, a video encoding process can be run faster than any CPU usage up to 400%. During this time people use the fast and the Multicore CPU to seek faster video encoding process.

- As well as some other software.

Do not want to miss from Nvidia, AMD is also using technology to run the graphics card or accelerate the process of an application. AMD named this technology with ATI STREAM, namely hardware and software technology that allows the graphics processor (GPU) AMD, working together with the processor (CPU) to speed up common applications, and not limited to just image processing. Processing of video encoding, encryption, and so forth can be done quickly using a GPU. AMD released this technology in conjunction with the release of their latest drivers Catalist 8.12. Graphics card that supports STREAM ATI Radeon graphics card series is 4000, including: Ati Radeon 4870 X2, ATI 4870, ATI 4850, ATI Radeon 4670, and so forth.
Software that supports ATI STREAM, among others:

- ATI Avivo Video Converter

- Adobe Acrobat Reader

- Adobe Photoshop CS 4

- Adobe After Effects

- Microsoft Power Point 2007

- ArcSoft Total Media Theater

- Cyberlink Power Director 7

From some tests, the use of technology is often called GPGPU (General-Purpose Computing on Graphics Processing Units) are indeed very helpful processor performance. By using a better graphics card performance achieved tend to be higher than if we replace with a better processor.

As consumers are always treated with the new technology, of course, a pity if you do not use it. Please try to feature CUDA for those who have a Nvidia graphics card, and please try ATI ASTREAM for those of you who have AMD Ati Radeon graphics card.

Noctua NH-D14, Extreme Cooler for Overclockers

Noctua, may still rarely heard in Indonesia. Most people are more familiar with the brand of products Thermaltake, Cooler Master, Xigmatek, or other brand of computer accessories products homemade Taiwanese or Chinese company. Noctua cooling product is the trademark of a company in Austria, which in fact has long been in the computer world, especially to produce accessories for overclocking. This time Noctua cooling device processor tries to offer a sufficiently attractive, in terms of performance can be quite pretty extreme compared to the product - other similar products. Noctua NH-D14, probably from the product naming is a bit difficult to remember because it does not use any other name is more easily remembered as an example: Thermaltake SpinQ, Xigmatek Apache, Thermalright Baram, and so forth.

Noctua NH-D14 is a processor that uses air cooling (fan rotation) on the heatsink that is attached to the processor. Because only use the system cooling fan rotation less risky than using a processor cooling water or dry ice. Product design Noctua NH-D14 is a bit like 2 pieces of towers that are separated by a fan (fan) of the middle-middle and a fan (fan) again on the front. Basic materials and heatpipe heatsink makers of this product is aluminum and copper. Two tower heatsink Noctua NH-D14 are connected by 12 heatpipes with the number of 6 heatpipes on one side and 6 heatpipes on the other side. The size of cooling this processor can be quite large, perhaps this is one reason that makes the performance of the Noctua NH-D14 is very effective. Two fans (fan) on Noctua NH-D14 product has a different size, the series has the size of the NF-P12 120mm fan while the other one is a series of NF-Q14 with size 140mm. Although large enough, 2 pieces of fan (fan) only requires less power and produce a very effective round fan cools the heatsink on 2 pieces of towers (lattice technology (blade) accounted for 9 pieces that are designed specifically). Input power required to rotate the fan (fan) is only about 1 watt, while the rotation fan (fan) produced only about 1200 rpm to 1300 rpm, so that from the noise can be said to be very quiet.

When you buy a product of this Noctua NH-D14, will include some mounting brackets for the various socket processors, including Intel's socket LGA 775, LGA 1156, LGA 1366, and AMD Socket AM2, AM2 + and AM3 with a special backplate. That is quite unique from design Noctua NH-D14 is one of them is the asymmetrical design, or design a form that is not symmetrical. The function of the form that is not symmetrical is that the higher level of compatibility when mounted on various computer systems that sometimes have the shape and size are not the same. Form that is not symmetrical, it is also giving the room is quite a relief to the placement of the memory slots, and it also provides air flow (water flow) is very good on the components - components that are installed on the mainboard.

To prove the cooling performance of this processor, it is necessary to test the test on computer specs Intel and AMD. In testing with dual-core processor specs have results :

Stock Cooling
Intel Core i5 650
Phenom II X2 555
Full Load
OC ( Prime Test)
> 80
> 70
Noctua NH -D14
Full Load
OC  (Prime Test)

Specification table: Overclokingdilakukan at 4 GHz clock speed, the value in degrees Celsius.
The conclusion of the Noctua NH-D14 products:
More value:
- Noctua NH - D14 has a performance as expected, quite cold, and not noisy to measure such a large processor cooling. By using better cooling paste, most likely resulting temperature better (lower).
- Support the sales package is very comprehensive, ranging from screwdrivers, pasta, brackets, and so forth.
- Price is quite cheap for a complete cooling completeness (approximately 85 USD).
- Form a very large, requiring substantial chassis models also

Good luck!
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A4Tech G800MU, friend for Gamers

Have you ever felt annoyed by the lack of good quality keyboard, keys are often jammed, harder and less convenient to use. Keyboard device is very influential for the convenience of you who use some of your time in front of computer equipment and often interact with the keyboard buttons. Computer game players are very often interact with the keyboard buttons are, therefore needed a keyboard device that is specifically made ​​with the features and specifications that are reliable. One product that is specifically for Gamers Keyboard A4Tech X7 G800MU Game, this keyboard series is the ultimate series of products A4tech X7 Gaming Keyboard.

The keyboard is designed specifically for gaming because it has some advanced features such as:

1. 3X Fast Gaming Keyboard, which is a feature that provides advantages when using this keyboard responses obtained were compared with similar keyboards up to 3X faster folding.

2. 4 Quick Shift Ability, which is a feature that makes it easy for you to do the resetting response time in playing a game. There are 4 pieces that can be selected special setting is Normal for Response Time 22 ms and Accelerate, Speedy and Turbo for Response Time 7.92 ms. Although the Response Time for the last three settings are the same, but each is different for the delay timenya (in full can be seen in the manuals). For fans of FPS games (First Person Shooting) of course this is very helpful in order to adapt to the game being played and the resolution used to avoid the symptoms of a slow response or often called lagging.

3. Change Weapon, which is a feature that can combine more weapon in an election setting FPS games with the number keys 1,2,3,4 with the W, A, S, D.

4. G1 - G15, which is a feature on the keyboard with the addition of some special buttons and a strategic location so that it can combine up to 15 extra buttons when playing games. This combination is particularly suitable type of strategy when playing games like DotA, StarCraft, Age of Empire, and so forth, because the speed of the game strategy is needed in doing grupping (group selection) forces - forces when going to attack or defense.

5. 7 Multimedia Keys, which is a feature that makes it easy for users of this keyboard to play multimedia files like music and movies. With 7 pieces button located on the right, you will be able to easily play movies / music, suspend (pause), replace track / chapter, set the sound louder / lower or even eliminate the sound temporarily (Mute). With the buttons you do not have to bother with the mouse button pressed to fiddle around the settings on the monitor screen.

6. Waterproof, a feature of this gaming keyboards to be able to hold water, because the food is not accidentally drip, or maybe even because you cry when playing games lost. Keyboard design is very special because it can remove dirt - dirt liquid via a special line that is under the keyboard buttons.

7. Gamer Friendly Key Position, a feature of this gaming keyboard is very ergonomic and easy to be set functions, such as the arrow keys up / down and left / right exchanged with W, A, S, D and then the CTRL key to CapsLock and other buttons.

8. Audio In / Out Port, which is an additional port on the keyboard to move the functions of the audio ports on the mainboard. With the transfer of this function, then when using a headphone / headset you are not too bothered to set up a short length of cable, because it was so much closer to your head.

9. One more feature that is very helpful for you is the key - the key is used most often given a special color (red) and the presence of a certain color indicator lights that adjust the settings you choose.

In general the keyboard at a price not to 200 thousand dollars is very good quality, not inferior to gaming keyboards from other brands that have a price far above it. If you are not a computer game player, the keyboard is still very tasty and convenient to use. Almost all the settings that you use can be done without the help of the driver at all. So if you frequently perform the match game, your keyboard is also suitable carrying around without having to install drivers first. A little less than a keyboard this game is the port used is still PS-2, some current mainboard is not providing the PS-2 ports anymore. But you do not need to worry, still widely available from the PS-2 connector to USB is sold in computer stores in Indonesia.
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ASUS E45M1-M Pro motherboard with APA Processors AMD's E-450

Asus motherboard market, namely the Pro-M Motherboard E45M1. This motherboard has the capability Turbo Core technology, which can increase the frequency of the processor cores which can then be used to improve overall performance.

As a first step, Asus motherboards now only marketed in Japan. Regarding price, there is still no clear information. So, we wait.

Turbo Core technology itself is the newest feature of AMD's processors, the AMD E-450 is intended to replace the previous generation, the E-350. This processor has a clock speed of 1.6GHz to 1.65 GHz.

Another feature that is owned by this motherboard is support for DDR3 memory that can be run at a frequency of 1333MHz. This can dramatically increase the bandwidth that can be used to display graphics without having to affect the TDP of the chip.

Overall, this motherboard is almost similar to the previous generation, E35M1-M Pro. But the difference, E45M1-M Pro using a Mini-ATX create additional space for slots and connectors.

There is a PCI express 2.0 × 16, one PCIe slot, two regular PCI slots, five ports SATA 6.0 Gb / s, and dual DDR3 memory slots. On the panel there belkang I / O, such as 6Gbps eSATA ports, Gigabit Ethernet ports, optical SPDIF, and analog sound thanks to High Definition 8-channel codec ALC887-VD2, Firewire port, VGA, DVI, and HDMI
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Thermaltake ModX Fan

Thermaltake as a world-class manufacturer of computer accessories are quite familiar in the ears of PC modding enthusiast. Not only as a manufacturer of computer accessories, Thermaltake also produces several types of computer peripherals such as power supply and chassis. However, it remains attached as an innovator Thermaltake computer accessories primarily associated with the system pendingingan (PC Cooling System). Currently, there is a highly innovative product from Thermaltake is Thermaltake Fan MODx. Fan THERMALTAKE production of these calls itself as a fan the first time in the world that can be programmed by the user. If you are using MODx Thermaltake Fan, you can perform programming via a special device for changing the text that will appear on the Fan (fan) when the fan is connected to a computer device.

MODx Thermaltake Fan comes in two sizes, namely size fan / fan 12 cm and smaller size, fan / fan 8 cm. Application installation of the fan / fan of this can be done on the computer case. Can also be attached to the processor cooler (heatsink) is a product that has been modified, rather than standard heatsinks bundled with the processor.

Thermaltake ModX Fan Specification :
ModX 12
ModX 8
Product Number
Fan Dimension
120 x 120 x 25mm
80 x 80 x 25mm
Started Voltage
Operation Voltage
11.5 ~ 12.5V
11.5 ~ 12.5V
Rated Current
Power Input
Fan Speed
1100 ± 300RPM
1700 ± 300RPM
Max. Air Flow
48 CFM
22,44 CFM
Max. Air Pressure
Bearing Type
Life Expectation
MODx Thermaltake Fan Fan 12 cm compared with 8 cm size having nearly the same specifications, except that it uses a larger fan size of 12 cm MODx has a greater power input as well. From the rotation speed of the fan / fan, Fan Mod X 12 cm has a type of fan rotation speed is lower than 1100 rpm to 1400 rpm, while the size of 8 cm has a rotation of 1700 rpm to 2000 rpm. Effects associated with this rotation speed is the fan noise level / fan 8 cm higher than the fan / fan is 12 cm. Fan rotation speed of 8 cm higher is also a consequence of the use of a smaller cross section of the fan from the fan 12 cm, in order to keep working perfectly and functions of computers in general is not compromised. This type of cooling fan from Thermaltake is already using Ball Bearings, so it will be more durable than its usage. Duration of use are given by the standard Thermaltake factory is about 30,000 hours or about 1250 days (nearly 3.5 years).

As already reported above, the innovation of Thermaltake is as a fan that can be programmed according to taste its users, especially for LED display that appears when the fan / fan is turned on. To make the LED display that logo / writing can be changing the manufacturer Thermaltake has included a USB cable connected to the PC computer and the other end to the MODx Fan, and a software called "USB Data Input Message System" which must first be installed to the PC.


You can write a logo or text into MODx Fan LED is as much as 16 characters each layernya. While the number of layers is 8 layers, both for MODx MODx Fan Fan 12 cm and 8 cm. So the total characters you can have the MODx Fan program if it can reach 128 characters. Apart from the characters that can be programmed separately, you can also make settings with various combinations of rotation direction and speed of writing, from top to bottom, right to left, or not moving (fix). Similarly speeds, ranging from Low, Medium, and High. The price offered these products ranging from 150 thousand dollars to 250 thousand dollars, the price is cheap enough to make your computer look cool.
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Optimizing the Intel Core i3 with the MSI P55-GD65 Motherboard

After a short time ago Intel processor issued a new series, we had a chance to try out a class processor low end of the line Intel Core series. This time the processor is on trial is the lowest caste Intel Core Intel Core i3, the series that we use is the Intel Core i3 530. Intel Core i3 530 has a specification:
Clock Speed:
133 MHz
Process Size:
Transistor count:
382 million
# of cores:
Cache L1:
128 KB
Cache L2:
Cache L3:
4096 KB
Die size:
MMX, SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSE4.2, Intel 64, SMT, EIST, XD-Bit, IVT, TXT

With Clock Speed ​​2.93 GHz core 2 and core number of fruit and of course has a hyperthreading processor technology will soon replace the class Intel Core 2 Duo. Although the specification of all kinds of Intel Core i3 uses the internal graphics card (iGPU) on the core processor, but in testing this time we do not use the internal graphics card. This is due to the testing conducted using Intel's P55 chipset mainboard with that do not support the use of an internal graphics card on the core-core processor, which we tried to look for in testing times is a performance that can be obtained from an Intel Core i3 530, one of the overclocking capability.

MSI P55-GD65 mainboard uses the Intel P55 chipset and supports the use of Intel LGA 1156 socket for Intel Core i5 i3/Core / Core i7. This mainboard also been using the newest type of DDR3 memory that supports the use of a high FSB settings, so the process will be easier overclocking without restriction limited memory divider. Another reason we use the MSI P55 mainboard - GD 65 is the use of the mosfet on the mainboard is already equipped with a heatsink and Dr Mos that use server-class components, and between the two mosfet that there is, linked by a special pipe that delivers the release of 8mm thick heat very well. Features that are not less important than the mainboard MSI P55 GD-65 is the OC Genie, which is a quick way to speed the process Overclocking with the addition of each + / - 5 Ghz just by pressing a special button on the mainboard with a very quick and easy.

The first test done is do a test by default to get the standard rate in this test.

Test that we do only use 4 pieces of software are: 3DMark 2006, 3DMark Vantage, Cinebench 10 and Super PI. Each of the software we use is specifically to get certain points that can differentiate under standard conditions with the conditions of the optimization processor overclock way. Indeed there are many ways to search for the optimization of a processor, but the way in which perhaps the easiest and cheapest is to do the overclocking process, because it's been a lot of peripherals that support this process, the manufacturer of the mainboard, memory and processor though sometimes direct the buyer to make the process The overclocking.

Testing the media in this test:

- Processor: Intel Core i3 530

- Mainboard MSI Intel P55-GD65

- Memory Team Elite DDR 3 PCs 1333

- HD 500 GB WDC

- VGA ATI 4870 1 GB AMAZE Zero Therm

- FSP Epsilon 600 Watt PSU

- Operating System Windows 7 Ultimate

Test results at standard conditions / default:
3DMark 2006
(CPU Score)
3DMark Vantage
(CPU Score)
Cinebench 10
Super PI 4MB
Default/ Standar
1m 58s

Gambar : Test pada kondisi default/standar
Pada saat melakukan test menggunakan 3DMark, test yang dilakukan hanya dicari nilai untuk CPU Score saja, karena pada saat melakukan test benchmark kali ini kami tidak mencari nilai untuk kartu grafis (VGA ). Penggunaan 3DMark 2006 dan 3DMark Vantage tidak lebih sebagai perbandingan score untuk platform yang berbeda , 3Dmark Vantage sudah mendukung hardware yang lebih baru dan software yang lebih baru, terutama untuk DirectX10 dan DirectX11, serta operating sistem diatas Windows Vista. Dalam test kali ini, secara umum hasil yang diperoleh dari processor Intel Core i3 diatas rata-rata processor Core 2 Duo untuk kondisi kecepatan processor dan harga yang tidak jauh berbeda.
Hasil Test pada kondisi Overclocking :
3DMark 2006
(CPU Score)
3DMark Vantage
(CPU Score)
Cinebench 10
Super PI 4MB
OC @4,5 Ghz
  Picture: Optimizing the Intel Core i3 with OC at a speed of 4.5 GHz

Overclocking the Intel Core i3 fairly easy to do, with the default CPU Vcore low, the addition of some voltage on the CPU can increase the overclocking potential is quite tolerable. In this test we raise about 0.6 volts from 0.9 volts to 1.5 volts default, a significant increase in the speed of standard conditions rose about 2.9 GHz to 4.5 GHz 1600Mhz. Cooling that we use in this test using air cooling OCZ Vendetta 2, if using stock cooling (cooling inherent) maximum overclocking clocked stable at 4 Ghz only. The results obtained from the process of overclocking the processor Intel Core i3 pretty good, like a score that is obtained from the above table to rise high enough, both the CPU score in 3DMark tests, with Cinebench rendering process, as well as mathematical calculations on the Super PI calculations.

If you want to assemble a new computer with the Intel platform, Intel Core i3 you can make alternative choices, in addition to having a higher yield value than the Intel Core 2 Duo processor, this processor has a pretty good overclocking potential. AMD as Intel's closest rival would be cautious with this processor, it is not possible market AMD Athlon X4 620, X4 630 and Phenom X3 will be displaced by the Intel Core i3.
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