A4Tech G800MU, friend for Gamers

Have you ever felt annoyed by the lack of good quality keyboard, keys are often jammed, harder and less convenient to use. Keyboard device is very influential for the convenience of you who use some of your time in front of computer equipment and often interact with the keyboard buttons. Computer game players are very often interact with the keyboard buttons are, therefore needed a keyboard device that is specifically made ​​with the features and specifications that are reliable. One product that is specifically for Gamers Keyboard A4Tech X7 G800MU Game, this keyboard series is the ultimate series of products A4tech X7 Gaming Keyboard.

The keyboard is designed specifically for gaming because it has some advanced features such as:

1. 3X Fast Gaming Keyboard, which is a feature that provides advantages when using this keyboard responses obtained were compared with similar keyboards up to 3X faster folding.

2. 4 Quick Shift Ability, which is a feature that makes it easy for you to do the resetting response time in playing a game. There are 4 pieces that can be selected special setting is Normal for Response Time 22 ms and Accelerate, Speedy and Turbo for Response Time 7.92 ms. Although the Response Time for the last three settings are the same, but each is different for the delay timenya (in full can be seen in the manuals). For fans of FPS games (First Person Shooting) of course this is very helpful in order to adapt to the game being played and the resolution used to avoid the symptoms of a slow response or often called lagging.

3. Change Weapon, which is a feature that can combine more weapon in an election setting FPS games with the number keys 1,2,3,4 with the W, A, S, D.

4. G1 - G15, which is a feature on the keyboard with the addition of some special buttons and a strategic location so that it can combine up to 15 extra buttons when playing games. This combination is particularly suitable type of strategy when playing games like DotA, StarCraft, Age of Empire, and so forth, because the speed of the game strategy is needed in doing grupping (group selection) forces - forces when going to attack or defense.

5. 7 Multimedia Keys, which is a feature that makes it easy for users of this keyboard to play multimedia files like music and movies. With 7 pieces button located on the right, you will be able to easily play movies / music, suspend (pause), replace track / chapter, set the sound louder / lower or even eliminate the sound temporarily (Mute). With the buttons you do not have to bother with the mouse button pressed to fiddle around the settings on the monitor screen.

6. Waterproof, a feature of this gaming keyboards to be able to hold water, because the food is not accidentally drip, or maybe even because you cry when playing games lost. Keyboard design is very special because it can remove dirt - dirt liquid via a special line that is under the keyboard buttons.

7. Gamer Friendly Key Position, a feature of this gaming keyboard is very ergonomic and easy to be set functions, such as the arrow keys up / down and left / right exchanged with W, A, S, D and then the CTRL key to CapsLock and other buttons.

8. Audio In / Out Port, which is an additional port on the keyboard to move the functions of the audio ports on the mainboard. With the transfer of this function, then when using a headphone / headset you are not too bothered to set up a short length of cable, because it was so much closer to your head.

9. One more feature that is very helpful for you is the key - the key is used most often given a special color (red) and the presence of a certain color indicator lights that adjust the settings you choose.

In general the keyboard at a price not to 200 thousand dollars is very good quality, not inferior to gaming keyboards from other brands that have a price far above it. If you are not a computer game player, the keyboard is still very tasty and convenient to use. Almost all the settings that you use can be done without the help of the driver at all. So if you frequently perform the match game, your keyboard is also suitable carrying around without having to install drivers first. A little less than a keyboard this game is the port used is still PS-2, some current mainboard is not providing the PS-2 ports anymore. But you do not need to worry, still widely available from the PS-2 connector to USB is sold in computer stores in Indonesia.

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