Greatness tested the Intel Core i7

A few days ago we had the opportunity to try the latest generation Intel Core i7 Processor. Core i7 965 Processor Extreme Edition is the fastest desktop processor in the world today, and in particular lent to us by Intel Indonesia. Processor specifications are:
Clock Speed
Cache L3
Intel Core i7 965 XE
3,2 GHZ
8 MB
4 Core
LGA 1366
QPI 6,4 GT/s
From the sample we received, compared with Intel Core 2 Duo physically Intel Core i7 processor has a larger form, and built a bigger heatsink as well. Series Core i7 965 Extreme Edition has a heatsink made ​​of a mixture of aluminum and copper, and unique is fannya blue.


In our trial, we combine this processor with other components of the mainboard MSI X58 Platinum, OCZ DDR3 Memory 6 x 1 GB (Tripple Channel Mode), Dual VGA MSI 4870 512 MB (Crossfire Mode), and Power Supply FSP Epsilon 900 Watt . Use of the mainboard with the Intel X58 chipset due to the minimum needs of the Intel Core i7 can only use these chipsets.
Of testing using the above components, we use the operating system Windows Vista. Selection is because Windows XP does not support more than 3.2 GB of memory, as well as the mainboard drivers can only run on Windows Vista, when tested in Windows XP bluescreen of death (BSOD) often occur.
Describe the results of our tests as follows:
Overclocking capabilities:
Features Overclocking Core i7 processor in extraordinary to say. The ability to perform complicated settings in the BIOS mainboard is done, so many features that should be considered in setting overclocking. How much power needed for the processor and how the desired temperature can be set via the bios. Features FSB (Front Side Bus) and the multiplier as in the previous Intel processor is replaced by the QPI. Having tried fiddling with the settings we tried to do the overclocking of this processor at 4.2 GHz, is not too high because it is based on the use of standard default heatsink.

Memory bandwidth:
The tests we did with the software SisoftSandra 2009. With the Tri Channel memory technology, the increase in memory performance was very signifika. From an Intel Core 2 Duo system and by using dual-channel enhancement mode memory bandwidth of more than 100%. For Core 2 Duo 7000, while values ​​obtained with the Core i7 processor is obtained the value 16 000's.

Rendering capabilities:

By using the Cinebench software, rendering the test which tested this processor can run very quickly, ie less than 3x the speed of rendering using a processor Core 2 duo. Processing rendering images obtained a value of about 18000, compared with a processor Core 2 Duo E7300 is only about 7000's and Core 2 Quad 6600 around 9000's.

3D Gaming capabilities

By using software Future Mark Vantage, score we obtained also showed remarkable improvement. Our test before using the Intel Core 2 Duo processor and get score 6000's, with this processor obtained score almost 20000.

Broadly speaking, the Intel Core i7 technology brings a fresh breeze for enthusiast-class desktop PC users, since the ability of the processor is indeed remarkable. With the new features in this processor, performance improvement can be achieved is significant. Perhaps the only deficiency in terms of price. Processor samples we are testing the market is worth almost 1000 USD, the course will be a significant obstacle for ordinary desktop PC users. But that Intel, in accordance with the slogan "Leap Ahead" was indeed a pioneer leading edge technology.

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KANAFin News said...

bung,,budget 3jt komplit,dapet apa ???bisa ngegame apa aja???

adya said...

Skrng HDD Lagi mahaL2nya..
250 sampe 600An Lebih...
Kira2 dapet Dual core E5400, RAM 2G, HDD 250..
MBnya pake Jetway/Biostar..
Mmm...Bisa ngegame PES 2012..
Salam sukses...

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