Nvidia GeForce GTX 550Ti vs AMD Radeon HD 6790 GPU

    Many people are now beginning to turn their attention to the camp at the Sunnyvale-based AMD. Wow, exactly what was going on there? Hm, this may be related to rumors about the existence of a Radeon HD 6790 GPU AMD is now being prepared in order to match the GTX 550 Ti's presence as a solution made by Nvidia's newest mainstream.

    Radeon HD 6790 graphics card GPU itself is new should appear after the GTX 550 Ti in the release, but who would have thought no one would regard it. And so far there are only a few German sites (such as Heise.de and Hardware LUXX) are discussing about this news.

    Currently AMD's HD 6850 graphics card can be purchased in the market for $ 169.99, or about 1.7 million rupiah. But for those users who want a more budget-friendly solution, of course, would be to switch to AMD 5000 series graphics cards that are older or even switch to a range of products made by Nvidia graphics card.

    Although prices made by Nvidia's GTX 550 Ti has not been published officially, but many people who expect prices to range in between the price of GTX 460 768MB which costs $ 145.99 (about 1.5 million dollars) and the price GTS 450 that cost $ 119.99 (about 1.2 million rupiah).

    Meanwhile, the GeForce GTX 550 Ti own new soon to be released officially by Nvidia on March 15, 2011 that will come. Latest graphics card made by Nvidia, the GF116-400 is equipped with a packing 192 cores CUDA cores, 32 texture units, 24 ROP units and memory bus with a capacity of 192 bits.

    GPU clock set to 900MHz, 1GB GDDR5 memory while the 4100 MHz speed that is able to provide bandwidth by 70% compared to the GTS 450. On the other hand, the GTX 550 Ti has a TDP of only voltage 116W (10W less than the GTS 450). This graphics card is equipped with two-way SLI support, two dual-link DVI-I ports and a mini HDMI port.

    But unfortunately, so far not revealed any details regarding the existence of related specifications made by AMD's Radeon HD 6790 is being prepared.

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