AMD Chipset 870, CPU 3.2 GHz


      Companies that dominate the market of DirectX 11 which is located in California, which is still delaying the launch of NVIDIA graphics cards GTX 470 and 480 are based on Fermi. However, the chip maker has some plans for the chipset and the CPU business, in accordance with details that have recently been appearing on the Internet. AMD seems to be refreshing bids chipset with the latest 870 model, while in the segment of the CPU, the plan will create a new processor that will work at a speed of 3.2 GHz.

    According to Fudzilla, AMD plans to introduce a new chipset that will be designed to scale version of the upcoming 870FX chipset. Simply dubbed the 870, this new chipset will be paired with some mainstream southbridge options, such as SB600, SB700, SB710 or SB750. As far as technical specifications, this new chipset will offer support for socket AM3 and x16 PCI Express gen 2 slot. No main graphics and chipset TDP will remain at work on the 13W.

    In addition to the new chipset, AMD Phenom II X4 processor introduces 94 new, which is clocked at a speed of 3.2GHz and is intended for the business segment. Thanks to improve speed performance, this new CPU will provide business users with improved overall performance. Other features include 95W TPD and 8MB cache, as far as Fudzilla wills. Proccesor will be available starting the second quarter of 2010, as an option to upgrade to Phenom II X4 B95 at this time, speed 3.0GHz.

    Unfortunately, there is no word CPU pricing details that will come, but it's clear that AMD wanted to provide consumers with a better alternative to some of the latest selection of Core i5 and Core i7, which is available on the market, from Intel. As for the chipset 870.

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