If Your Computer Slow, Instant Search in Google will automatically disable

Late last week Google provides a list of updates, changes and additions to contain new features for search applications already implemented since January. One interesting thing from a number of update is done is tweaked to Instant Search, which has existed for over a year until now.

This feature works by loading the search results, as soon as the user starts typing, this feature alone is intended to reduce the response time.

The instant feedback is also a good thing when we try to tweak the search term, to find the best search results. But of course necessary to show support not only from the server or network connection is good, but that needs to be made as a record is this feature also requires a slightly larger bandwidth and support of computing resources owned by the user.

Until now, Google has been examined to see if the internet connection is fast enough to support and encourage those features several pages of search results in seconds and update it instantly.

The existence of the gap between when users type in queries and fast loading results were quite disturbing if the response time becomes longer. If the network connection is not supported by the specification of a good computer, then the instant search will automatically be disabled, but should also know that the network access speed is not the only cause that can interfere with the features, as well as the ability to be the determining factor.

So Google also decided to consider these factors and examined to see if the computer or device capable of running the Instant Search is smooth or not before serving. If the computer is too slow, the feature will be disabled.

According to the explanation from Google: "Instant Google has long had the ability to automatically turn itself off if you are on a slow Internet connection. Now Instant can also turn itself off if your computer is slow."

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