AMD and Compal makes Prototype Ultra Thin Notebook

Prototype Ultra Thin Notebook

Most of the top PC makers have jumped on ultrabook market, introducing a thin and light laptop with the latest Intel processors, fast boot technology, and other features. But while Intel has trademarked the word "ultrabook" certainly has no monopoly on ultraportable laptops.

Chip maker AMD hopes they also took part in this market and they have made prototype ultrabook competitors by creating a notebook computer that has a 0.7 inchthick. This laptop is designed to use AMD processors Trinity low wattage multi-core processors that will have a TDP of 25 Watts or less.

This particular model was produced by Taiwan manufacturers named Compal and may never actually make it to market - but it gives us an idea of what the ultra-thin notebook from AMD looks ... and no wonder they look a lot like ultrabook.

The main difference is the AMD can sell a notebook like this starting from $ 500 and above, while ultrabook tend valued $ 900 or more (although from time to time lowered prices start from USD 799).

Ultra Thin Notebook

Ultra Thin Notebook

Ultra Thin Notebook

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