Seagate GoFlex Satellite, HDD External World's First Wireless

Seagate GoFlex Satellite, HDD External World's First Wireless- Seagate recently introduced a storage device (HDD) ExternalGoFlex Satellite mobile that can be used for the tablet or smartphone without a cable.

Seagate external HDD GoFlex Satellite is the world's first wireless network that uses WiFi to connect.

Quoted from en gadget, Seagate GoFlex can be used for more than25 hours with the mobile device because it has a rechargeable battery. HDD does not require internet, data connectivity, and absolutely no need for cables.

Seagate GoFlex can also be paired with multiple mobile devices simultaneously such as smart phones and tablet laptop, so that each can access content in the storage device. If interested, you can bring home a cordless external HDD is priced Rp.1.8 million for a capacity of 500 GB.

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