Source Code Taxable Symantec Antivirus Hacker

Symantec has provided confirmation about the source code pcAnywhere hers that have appeared on the site The Pirate Bay and possibly at other sites. However, in an advertisement BitTorrent file, available on the website The Pirate Bat, Tuesday (07/02), has been uploaded by a user named "stun", with an "Antisec", which turns into the hacker group Anonymous.

Symantec pcAnywhere confirms that the source code that was posted is legitimate, and is part of the original code version of 2006 where Anonymous has claimed to have stolen over the last few weeks. While the publication of source code is made by the “stun" include list "Cablegate" the diplomatic cables, pro-Nazi website database andconfidential documents with images of actress Julianne Hough, and so forth.

Earlier, on 26 January, Symantec was suggested to the user to disable pcAnywhererelated to hacker attacks in 2006, where the source code Symantec antivirus products that have been stolen. After giving improvements version 12.0, 12.1, and 12.5 ofpcAnywhere, Symantec provides a 'green light' to the user to use it again. Therefore, despite being published on the website, there is no threat of danger to the user. According to Symantec, the code is outdated and if there is any attack, it would still be using the product characteristics 2006. If a customer uses Symantec product now, then they will be protected, added Symantec.

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