NVIDIA GeForce 500M Series: Maximize Performance and Display Laptop

    In July 2011 NVIDIA held a press conference at TransForce Restaurant, Jakarta. The event was held with the aim to demonstrate the secrets behind the sophistication of mobile phones and computers that are currently available. Jeff Yen, Senior Marketing Manager of NVIDIA Corporation, share stories about computer developments over the last decade.
    In 1999, computers are sold at a price of USD 3200 has a minimal function, namely to work and edit documents. However, today the computer has evolved into a versatile device. No longer just used for work, today's computers also provided entertainment through multimedia content, the ability to play video games, open the Internet web, and other useful applications. All these can be operated via an operating system that appealing and easy to use.

    Variations in these capabilities are the work of the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) which is hidden inside the computer. NVIDIA GPU is one of the leading manufacturers in the world of technology. NVIDIA product line, especially in the GeForce GTX series, the GPU is the most widely used in devices that are focused on playing video games. A number of video games with high graphics quality, such as Crysis 2, EVE, and Age of Conan is just a handful of game titles supported by NVIDIA.
    Since 1997, the number of users started to beat the number of users of laptop computers (desktop). NVIDIA GPUs offer the best was to improve the quality of the experience of the use of laptops, especially in terms of graphics, the GeForce 500M series. GPUs are designed specifically for laptops offers increased quality HD display screen, Internet web usage experience, the quality of the 3D view, and play video games.
    One GPU product is introduced in this event is the GeForce GTX 580M. GPU offers fast performance and quality 1080p 3D display that maximize the enjoyment of watching movies and playing games. Coupled with a range of 3D monitors and 3D Vision Vision wired glasses, gaming experience offered by NVIDIA will be more impressive.
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