Android Smartphone NEC Dual Display

Android Smartphone NEC Dual Display - NEC has been selling Android tablet with dual screens in Japan since last year, and now NEC plans to launch an international version this summer.
In addition NEC also plans to showcase the concept of dual-screensmartphone new Android at Mobile World Congress in Spain next week. a Japanese site has some photos of the prototypedual-display smartphone is a non-functional, which seems to display the Android UI 4.

Looked at the photo concepts like tablet with a touch screen display on the front and rear panels which can also function as asmartphone when folded. If you want to use the two screens together as one big screen for watching movies, surfing the web, or other activities, you will find it like a tablet.
NEC's unique smartphone will be running the Google Android 4.0and support for 4G LTE, but not much information available today about this good smartphone.

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