Playbook BlackBerry OS 2.0 Update On February 21 Will the Next

Playbook BlackBerry

Latest OS for the BlackBerry Playbook rumored to be released on 21 February. Quoted from Ubergizmo, Playbook 2.0 will be officially released by RIM on Tuesday next after many rumors about the release date.

OS is said to bridge the lack of previous OS is expected RIM will help boost sales of their tablets. This was actually the release date delayed a week of the scheduled hearing by the RIM itself.

Playbook 2.0 this will provide an update key functions such as native email, calendar and contact book users. In addition it is not known more about the other details of this operating system. Unfortunately, the most important applications are BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) is still not fixed in an update this time.

If the user wants to access the fuel must use the BlackBerry Bridge, which last year was at issue because it cannot be accessed. Bridge 2.0 is also expected to release at CES2012 and will give change.

RIM who had lost sales because of that do not match expectations Playbook seems to devote his hopes on OS 2.0. They hope this will increase the number of tablet sales. RIM reportedly also currently testing the trial Playbook 3.0.

Playbook BlackBerry

Playbook BlackBerry

Playbook BlackBerry

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