Creating Portable Applications with Cameyo Yourself Online

Creating Portable Applications with Cameyo Yourself Online

Virtualization is not new applications, application virtualization gives you the option to create a portable version from any Windows application without having to install anything. As you know, portable applications can be run without installing. So you can continue to keep the system clean and free from unwanted program file.

Very easy to carry portable application so you can move your portable applications from your flash and use it on other Windows OS without having to install it again. There are many sites that provide a portable version of an application, but sometimes we cannot find the applications that we want to use. For that you need to create your own portable applications that can help you.

Cameyo is a freeware which allows you to create a portable version of any Windows software. This application can convert all the software / application into a single executable file and you can use this application to run any application without having to reinstall.

To create a portable application you need to register at Cameyo and then verify your email address. Once verified and Cameyo logged in, you can see all the options available to create portable applications online. You have three ways to create a portable application, you first search for applications based on names. Most applications you will find when you search. When you have found the application you're looking for, click on the name of the application and Cameyo will begin the process of making a portable version of the application and will send you a download link within 10 to 20 minutes.

Creating Portable Applications with Cameyo Yourself Online

But if you do not find the application you are looking for, you can upload your applications such as file MSI / EXE on website. Baseline environment and select 32 bit or 64 bit and click submit. Cameyo will give 10 to 20 minutes and will send you a link to download a portable version of the email that you have listed. You also can send a direct link from any portable applications you want to create.

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