DirectCU II VGA Card Asus AMD & Intel Advanced Cooling

    Asus has launched a number of graphics cards from Direct II-enhanced series, which includes the latest technology from both the graphics processor vendors AMD and NVIDIA. For AMD-based graphics card, Asus HD 6970 graphics card offers and HD 6950 with DirectCU II while for NVIDIA, the GTX 580, GTX 570 and GTX 560Ti have all been equipped with the advanced cooling technology. Created based Asus DirectCU, which uses copper heat pipes in direct contact with the GPU core makes it 20% cooler.

    DirectCU II adds a custom cooler that uses twin 100mm fan to increase air flow at 600% VGA cards based on AMD Radeon HD 6970, HD 6950 and NVIDIA VGA cards GTX 580 and GTX 570 DirectCU II technology. ASUS has also launched graphics card GTX 560 Ti DirectCU II TOP with dual 80mm fans for best performance in the segment through the air force has doubled.
    Asus DirectCU II also includes exclusive technology Asus Super Alloy Power, which uses a unique alloy formula in power components such as chokes, capacitors, and MOSFETs POSCAPs to ensure improved performance by 15%, 35 ° C cooler operation and 2.5 times the length of life of the hardware. graphics card from Asus GTX 560 Ti DirectCU II TOP newly arrived using specially-selected GPU clocked at 900MHz by default, representing a 80MHz overclock of reference.

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