AMD Chipset ‘Congo’ for Netbook

    Previously looked at the presence of AMD netbook with one eye, but now it seems that view began to change somewhat. And recently rumored that the AMD is anticipate to begin entering the netbook market is gathering popularity. But for some reason so, who would now AMD is seriously preparing for the new ammunition to compete with other processor manufacturers who have played first in the netbook market.

    Although still a new player on the market called netbooks, but with the chipsets 'Congo' is super slim and lightweight, it appears that AMD is trying to overthrow the throne with the chipset manufacturer Intel atom netbook market has been dominated so far. Therefore, it is not impossible in the foreseeable future the AMD was even referred to as "Murderer Atom" (The Atom Killer).

    In the presence of the Yukon platform is presented in the dv2 HP's and recently got an upgrade in the form of dual-core AMD Neo chip, would be a great starting point to begin to introduce the chipsets 'Congo' is reportedly on the market dual-core netbook.Dan this neo who has combined with better graphics and some other modem chipset. The components that support it, among others, the M780G chipset and ATI Radeon HD 3200 IGP, including hardware decoding of HD formats, DirectX 10 gaming, Display Port, HDMI and eSATA, as well as Hybrid Graphics to combine integrated chipset with discrete graphicsnya.

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