EVGA: Intel X79 Motherboard Dual-Socket


     Suppliers classmates EVGA seems to still take time to introduce the LGA 1155 motherboards are compatible to the market. As I do not want to repeat the same mistakes associated with the presence of Intel's Sandy Bridge-E, EVGA secretly reportedly also has begun to develop and prepare the product fleet X79 dual-socket motherboard that will replace the motherboard Classified SR-2 was incredible.
    Although not included EVGA LGA 2011 motherboard lineup at Computex 2011 exhibition ago, but EVGA reportedly preparing to back a new motherboard chipset Intel X79-related attendance at this fall. And a few months ago after the release of this first model, reportedly will then be followed by the presence of dual-motherboard socket LGA 2011.
    Most like the motherboard Classified SR-2 that there are currently more targeted primarily for its loyal users and overclockers. But unfortunately, no specific details available for now. Motherboard Classified SR-2 has been designed to operate two LGA-1366 processor and was released in March 2010 ago.
    Coincide at the Computex 2011 exhibition ago, most motherboard manufacturers have demonstrated LGA 2011 motherboard product line.     However, of all that was exhibited, it seems that no one was really designed to support two Intel Sandy Bridge-E.
    Dual-socket X79 Motherboard current Asus model was Danushi Bay, but this model was designed only as an easy upgrade path from the LGA 1366 LGA 2011. So far, Intel is expected to launch a batch processor in Intel's Sandy Bridge-E high performance first in the fourth quarter of this year as well, along with the presence of PCH X79.
    At first, the customer will be served by the presence of only three chips, including two six-core and one quad-core model. Both six-core SKUs will be present with a fully open design, but Intel's flagship processor will dibesut with 3.3GHz clock and packing 15MB     Level 3 cache. Meanwhile, the relatives of the smaller will clock of 3.2GHz and packing only 12MB L3 cache only.     Meanwhile, based on publications from TechReport recently, three processor cores that last package will pack four cores computing (about 8 threads). And it reportedly has limited its overclocking capabilities so that later will be able to display 10MB Level 3 cache and 3.6GHz for clocknya base.

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