WDC 2 TB RE4-GP Enterprise Storage.

WDC one data storage device manufacturer, has just launched a hard disk drive series with RE4-GP 2 terabyte capacity. Previously WDC has launched a series of Green and Black with the same capacity of which is 2 terrabyte, and devoted to the use of everyday desktop computer. The fundamental difference from RE4 series is a high performance due to the use of compiler technology and hardware that is more specific than the regular series. WDC RE4-GP series is actually more devoted to the use of computer servers, network hard disk, and network attached storage (NAS).

 Specifications WDC RE4-GP series include:

1. Dual Processor: The processing of data in the disk carried by two fruit processors simultaneously

2. Dual Actuator Technology: the use of two heads so that the accuracy of the data can be more precise and higher access speeds.

3. IntelliSeek: calculate the optimum rotation hard to make it more energy efficient, lower noise levels, and less vibration.

4. Stable Trac: with this feature of motor rotation is more awake, so platter is more stable and secure when the process of reading and writing.

5. No Touch Ramp Load Technology: features that provide security on the head when not dipergunajani and when the drive is removed, because the head does not touch the surface of the media drive.

In addition to these features, there are also additional features that are not less terrible, and only owned by a series RE4-GP Enterprise Storage is the service life reached 1.2 million hours, active power storage, native command queuing (NCQ), sensors against pressure and shock, and many others.
Western Digital
Caviar Green
5,400 rpm
32 MB
Green PC
Barracuda LP
5,900 rpm
32 MB
Green PC
Western Digital
Caviar Black
7,200 rpm
64 MB
Desktop Enthusiast
Western Digital
7,200 rpm
64 MB
Table Comparison of WDC RE4 lainsejenis compared with HD with a capacity of 2 TB.

 Although the general label of this disk capacity of 2 TB (terabyte), you should not be surprised if it found the conditions when the pre-loaded PCs in the reading capacity by the operating system will look for 1.863 1.82 terrabyte or GigaByte (3,907,029,168 sectors), not full of 2 TB because of the limitations of the calculation of multiplication with the number 512 bytes.

Testing data transfer HDD WDC 2 TB RE4 was compared with the WDC Green series about 45% faster, testing is done using HDTach software version This is caused by a large enough buffer capacity is 64 MB and the performance of Dual Processor usage. This performance exceeds the capabilities listed in the manual use of the website WDC.com, which indicated only about 25% increase in performance compared to previous generations. As for testing the performance of hard disk access time presented any significant ie about 30% faster compared with the hard drive WDC Green series.

So if you want to use this hard drive for everyday use is very advantageous, for example if you frequently use a PC for video editing / music and 3D rendering process that you need time could be shorter. In addition to this hard drive is also suitable for playing games which incidentally need high performance and fast access to avoid the bottleneck between processor speed and graphics card speed.

It is slightly to minus value for this series is the use of hard drive connector type 3 Gbps Serial Ata (SATA II) and have not been using this type of 6 Gbps Serial Ata (SATA III). To enjoy this technology from the hard drive you can get it at a price not more than 1.3 million alone. If you want to increase speed in use, you can use the RAID method that on average already available in current mainboard, the mainboard.

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