MRAM: Newest Technology Computer Memory

Computer speed is always coveted by anyone. Various research efforts and continue to be done to improve computer skills. Some time ago the world's fastest super computers have been present to assist the American military to do the calculations. Now turn to a technology in the field of computer memory.

Previously you would have heard the term RAM (Ramdom Access Memory) to refer to computer memory. Memory RAM has various types ranging from EDO RAM, DDR1, DDR2 and several other types.

But apparently it Elum enough RAM to satisfy the human need for speed demands. Therefore, the German physicist and engineer developed a new type of memory.

Memory was named Magnetoresistive Random Access Memory (MRAM), memory is not only faster than RAM, but also more energy efficient. The presence of MRAM will likely enhance the development of mobile computing and storage level by reversing the direction of north-south pole magnetic field.

IBM and several other development company that plans to use MRAM, MRAM will play the electrons to change the magnetic poles. It is also known as spin-torque MRAM (rotary torque MRAM) technology is now being developed by the German physicist and engineer.

By building small pillars 165 nano-meter size, will result in a variable magnetic layer on top will lead to an electric current flows from the bottom up and will play the position of the electron. This magnetic field will change and it only takes a little time to change the magnetic poles of this. Then north and south pole will be swapped. If you are confused by the above process, nor should not ignored anything. Or if you want to read yourself the english version here.

To be sure, the speed MRAM reach 10 times the speed of RAM. This speed can still continue to be developed in the future.

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