Thermaltake ModX Fan

Thermaltake as a world-class manufacturer of computer accessories are quite familiar in the ears of PC modding enthusiast. Not only as a manufacturer of computer accessories, Thermaltake also produces several types of computer peripherals such as power supply and chassis. However, it remains attached as an innovator Thermaltake computer accessories primarily associated with the system pendingingan (PC Cooling System). Currently, there is a highly innovative product from Thermaltake is Thermaltake Fan MODx. Fan THERMALTAKE production of these calls itself as a fan the first time in the world that can be programmed by the user. If you are using MODx Thermaltake Fan, you can perform programming via a special device for changing the text that will appear on the Fan (fan) when the fan is connected to a computer device.

MODx Thermaltake Fan comes in two sizes, namely size fan / fan 12 cm and smaller size, fan / fan 8 cm. Application installation of the fan / fan of this can be done on the computer case. Can also be attached to the processor cooler (heatsink) is a product that has been modified, rather than standard heatsinks bundled with the processor.

Thermaltake ModX Fan Specification :
ModX 12
ModX 8
Product Number
Fan Dimension
120 x 120 x 25mm
80 x 80 x 25mm
Started Voltage
Operation Voltage
11.5 ~ 12.5V
11.5 ~ 12.5V
Rated Current
Power Input
Fan Speed
1100 ± 300RPM
1700 ± 300RPM
Max. Air Flow
48 CFM
22,44 CFM
Max. Air Pressure
Bearing Type
Life Expectation
MODx Thermaltake Fan Fan 12 cm compared with 8 cm size having nearly the same specifications, except that it uses a larger fan size of 12 cm MODx has a greater power input as well. From the rotation speed of the fan / fan, Fan Mod X 12 cm has a type of fan rotation speed is lower than 1100 rpm to 1400 rpm, while the size of 8 cm has a rotation of 1700 rpm to 2000 rpm. Effects associated with this rotation speed is the fan noise level / fan 8 cm higher than the fan / fan is 12 cm. Fan rotation speed of 8 cm higher is also a consequence of the use of a smaller cross section of the fan from the fan 12 cm, in order to keep working perfectly and functions of computers in general is not compromised. This type of cooling fan from Thermaltake is already using Ball Bearings, so it will be more durable than its usage. Duration of use are given by the standard Thermaltake factory is about 30,000 hours or about 1250 days (nearly 3.5 years).

As already reported above, the innovation of Thermaltake is as a fan that can be programmed according to taste its users, especially for LED display that appears when the fan / fan is turned on. To make the LED display that logo / writing can be changing the manufacturer Thermaltake has included a USB cable connected to the PC computer and the other end to the MODx Fan, and a software called "USB Data Input Message System" which must first be installed to the PC.


You can write a logo or text into MODx Fan LED is as much as 16 characters each layernya. While the number of layers is 8 layers, both for MODx MODx Fan Fan 12 cm and 8 cm. So the total characters you can have the MODx Fan program if it can reach 128 characters. Apart from the characters that can be programmed separately, you can also make settings with various combinations of rotation direction and speed of writing, from top to bottom, right to left, or not moving (fix). Similarly speeds, ranging from Low, Medium, and High. The price offered these products ranging from 150 thousand dollars to 250 thousand dollars, the price is cheap enough to make your computer look cool.

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